What are live breaks?

Wanna buy a booster box without all the useless common cards?

Do you want to save $$$ for your next purchase? 

Well you can with live breaks!

We can open booster boxes LIVE for you on our Facebook page. No funny business. You can choose to keep all cards, or all ultra rares and hit cards.

How does it work?

You purchase a live break from the store for whichever booster box you want. On the variations option, you choose the "live break" option along with which package you want. We will email you the live break schedule so you can come along and watch it with us on Facebook live. For example, if you choose the keep ultra rares or better option, you will receive all ultra rares or better opened from that box. We keep all commons cards unless the "keep all cards" option is selected. 

"This seems suspicious.... how can you sell the boxes so cheap?"

Rest assured, there is no funny business. We are able to offer it cheaper since we are essentially "buying back" the bulk common cards and codes that are in the boxes.

It is done LIVE to ensure a clean and trustworthy environment. If there are any questions or concerns, please email or message us on Facebook!